Event Generator

Generate random events for use in your RPG adventures or fiction projects. Click the number of events you want generated, and presto, there they are!

Number of Events to Generate:
1 2 3 5 10 50 100

There are currently a total of 572 events that may be produced by this generator.

Instructions: This generator requires that JavaScript be enabled. Click on the link corresponding to the number of events you want to generate. That many randomly generated events will be displayed. Use the generated events in your story or RPG adventure as you see fit, or use them as random writing prompts. Click any link again to generate more events.

The last X events generated during this page visit are remembered, so that no event is generated a second time until after at least another X events are generated during this page visit. To allow any of the last X generated events to be generated again, just reload the page.

You must decide the details of each event. These events vary in scale, from events involving a single individual or creature to events involving entire populations, planets, or stars. Some events are generic in nature, others are more narrowly focused. Some events may be similar to others. As with all tools of this nature, it’s up to you to use what you will and ignore what you will.


  • Generate one event and write a piece of flash fiction or an RPG encounter based on the event.
  • Generate two or three events and choose the one you like the best. Then use it for flash fiction or an RPG encounter.
  • Generate one event for the major plot of a story or RPG adventure, then generate two events for subplots.
  • Generate five events. Choose one event for the major plot of a story or RPG adventure. Choose two of the remaining four events for subplots.
  • Generate two, three, or five events, drop one if you wish, and use the remaining events in the order displayed as a starting outline for a short story or RPG adventure.
  • Generate ten events, drop up to two of them, and use the remaining events in the order displayed as a starting outline for a novel or longer RPG adventure.
  • Generate fifty or one hundred events if you want a long list of events from which to choose.

The EPOSIC Random Event Generator is intended for use by fiction authors and RPG game masters. It is intended for use in sparking ideas for events in your stories and RPG campaigns. Use it at your own risk and discretion.

11 thoughts on “Event Generator

  1. Can these be downloaded and modified to suit another game?
    Currently Running a game of MechWarrior that I would like to adapt to this if possible.

    1. Hi, WaywardMind,

      Thanks for visiting my site! I’m glad you find the Event Generator of interest.

      If you want to modify the generator for personal use only on your computer, you can save a copy of this web page on your computer and modify it as you need it. If you place your modified version on the web, please password protect it for only your use and the use of your players. If you don’t know how to password protect files, please do a web search for .htaccess and .htpassword, for one way to do it, if you’re on the Apache web server. Hope it makes your game more fun!

  2. Thank you for making this! I’m currently building a campaign that takes place in a huge city and random events will really make the city feel alive. I went from like 7 planned events to 70 in like an hour thanks to this.

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