Animated D6 Dice Roller

Generate rolls of 1 to 36 dice, supplying a modifier to be added automatically to the dice roll results. Click the Roll Dice button, and the dice images animate to show the dice rolling in place until they stop on the result.


Dice Total:
Dice + Mod:

Dice Total:
Dice + Mod:

Instructions: This generator requires that JavaScript be enabled. Select the number of dice to roll, enter any modifier to apply to the result, and click Roll Dice. The number of dice selected will animate in place and display their individual results. The total of the dice will be displayed, as will the total of the dice plus any modifier you entered. Change any settings you desire, click Roll Dice again; the dice will animate again and the totals display.

Two control panels are provided, so you can set one of them to whatever settings you use the most, and then change the other one when you need other settings.

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  1. You may wish to incorporate the “Wild” die for your die roller. In many RPG games, one of the dice is designated as a “Wild” or “Exploding” die. Essentially, if a person rolls a 6 on the “Wild” die, the 6 is added to the total, AND the die is rolled again (and continues to be rolled so long as the roll results in a 6) with the new number added to the final total.

    Also, if one rolls a 1 on the “Wild” die, then the 1 is NOT counted, and the person rolls the die again. If they roll a 1 again, then a major mishap of some kind occurs. If the 2nd roll is a 6, then the 6 is not counted in the final total, and the highest die roll otherwise is subtracted (i.e., not counted) in the final die roll.

    So, for example: if I roll 3D and the 3rd die is my wild die – results may look like this…

    A) 4+5+3 = 12
    B) 4+5+(1+1) = 9 AND Major Mishap
    C) 4+5+(1+6) = 4
    D) 4+5+6+6+1 = 22

    I hope that makes sense

    1. Yes, it makes sense, but if I were to try to implement every type of dice roll used in all the games out there, I’d never finish. I’ve implemented a dice roller for T&T, for instance (available at and it can be used to roll “Saving Rolls,” which re-roll all doubles rolled on 2 dice. I could make another dice roller that implements Wild Dice as you describe. But instead I’ve provided this basic dice roller and made the dice roller code freely available ( Anyone who would like to implement a Wild Dice roller can do so. Others have used this code to create their own dice rollers, including an excellent HeroQuest dice roller (

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