Magic Effects Generator

Generate random magical effects for use in your RPG adventures or fiction projects. Click the Generate link, and a magical effect is randomly generated for you to customize for your needs. Click again for another random effect.


Random Magical Effect:

There are currently a total of magical effects that may be produced by this generator.

Instructions: This generator requires JavaScript to be enabled. Click on the Generate link. A randomly generated magical effect will be displayed. Click the Generate link again to generate another magical effect.

You must decide who or what exactly are the targets of the effect, as well as any other unspecified particulars, such as range, duration, and whether or not the effect can be resisted. Any words inside angle brackets (<like this>) designate an unspecified particular that you must supply. Since this generator is generic, it cannot generate all the specifics for an effect, so leaves all the particulars up to you. The wording of the generated effects is general, using words like creatures and objects, and avoiding references to any specific race, sex, age, animal, or item. The plural case is used in the wording of these effects, but feel free to limit the plural case to the singular case as you deem fit. These effects are not meant to be considered permanent, but it is up to you to determine which effects are temporary and which aren’t, and how long any temporary effects will last.

Uses for this tool include determining effects of spells with random outcomes, such as wild magic in a fantasy RPG, or determining effects of found magic items or creating new spells for your campaign or fantasy novel.

This generator is intended for use by Game Masters of RPGs and authors of fantasy fiction, to spark ideas. Use it at your own risk and discretion.

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