Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe and Alternative Combat Mechanisms

Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe is coming, as Ken St. Andre has announced on trollhalla.com. Much discussion is currently happening concerning what should or shouldn’t be included in the new rules set.

My thought, as I commented on Ken’s post, is that T&T Deluxe might conceivably contain a core set of rules common to all past editions of the game, and a set of optional rules that one can apply so as to effectively be playing any previous edition of the game, or a mix of the rules from previous editions. Throw some new optional rules into the mix, and you have something worthy of being called Deluxe. If I understand Ken, he’s not going to go that route; I think he wants to blaze new territory. That’s cool too.

Possible new rules that have been discussed in various venues is an alternative combat mechanism. A good synopsis of some alternative combat mechanisms can be found on The Lone Delver site. The reasons for an alternative combat mechanic vary. Sometimes the number of dice necessary to roll are too many for some players. Sometimes combatants are too evenly matched, and the combat drags on forever. Sometimes one side of the combat comes out completely unscathed. Continue reading “Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe and Alternative Combat Mechanisms”

When Will the Torch Go Out?

This article was previously published on Eposic but has been offline for a while.

Some people find the bookkeeping aspect of role playing games annoying. Some precise bookkeeping is inevitable, such as tracking how much damage your PC has taken. But such bookkeeping can become tedious and detract from the fun for some players and GMs, especially if several effects need tracking simultaneously. But there is a way to reduce the bookkeeping and at the same time add some suspense to the game. Continue reading “When Will the Torch Go Out?”

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