The Dreams of Unborn Gods

That's right, I've decided on the title for my debut New Adult fantasy novel. The Dreams of Unborn Gods is undergoing the last edits before I submit the manuscript to beta readers for a final round of critiquing. One more round of edits after that, and then.... Will I self-publish or try the traditional publishing... Continue Reading →

Spoilsport – Short Fantasy Fiction

The following is a fiction piece of exactly 100 words, according to Microsoft Word. Enjoy! · The sight of mingling coworkers, bobbing and swaying in their greens and reds, made me nauseous. With a petite Asian woman on his arm, my officemate Jonas sidled next to me. “Rob, meet Amy.” She offered me her hand,... Continue Reading →

My Musical Favorites for 2017

It's that time of year again, when people like me tell the world who their favorites were for the year, whether it be books, movies, music, or whatever. I've been making lists like this for my musical favorites since I was a teenager, and I'm not stopping now. As a kid, I couldn't share my... Continue Reading →

Pestilence – Short Fantasy Fiction

[This story was written in response to a challenge on the Mythic Scribes forum, and is also posted on that site. About 2000 words.] A leaf floated down from a tree branch hanging over the balcony of the Green Palace. Ella picked it up from the balcony floor. Numerous holes in the leaf left it... Continue Reading →

My Musical Favorites for 2016

Edited on 01/11/2017 to correct an oversight in the Honorable Mentions list. Every year I get a kick out of listing my musical top-plays and favorites for the year gone by, so I'm at it again. People who know my musical tastes from postings here and elsewhere know that female vocalists are my thing, and... Continue Reading →

Snowing Animation for Christmas

It's that time of year again. I celebrate Christmas, and as part of my celebration of the holiday, I've created an animation to commemorate the day. I've included some details about the making of the animation in the MP4 file. I hope you enjoy. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate,... Continue Reading →

To The Core – A Fantasy Short

[This story was originally written by Michael K. Eidson and previously published October 16, 2012, on Burrst. About 1000 words.] Wearing a long cloak in hot weather wasn't always a sign you're concealing something or intend to, thought the elder Cornraind as he watched the younger Nachford walking amongst the carts and stalls in the... Continue Reading →

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