On Being Human in Tunnels and Trolls

Recently there’s been some discussion at the Trollhalla Inner Sanctum about the advantages and disadvantages of playing human characters in Tunnels and Trolls. I personally seldom play a human character, because I like having a couple of attributes that start out significantly higher than normal. Since I also prefer the magical types over brawny types, I’ve always played more elves than any other kindred, but have played my share of dwarves when in the mood to play the brawny types. So for me, Trollworld’s adventurer population consists primarily of elves and dwarves, with a smattering of other kindred thrown in occasionally to mix things up. Though humans are the baseline, they aren’t the predominant kindred for adventurers in my games.

It might not even be the case that humans outnumber other kindred as NPCs in the solitaires I’ve played. Tunnels and Trolls solo designers like to provide variety in their adventures, and as a player I like it that way. I suspect most other players like a good variety as well. So while there are indeed human NPCs to be found, there are a goodly number of NPCs encountered who are of non-human and monstrous kindred. (The stats for occurrences of each kindred as NPCs in games I’ve played would of course depend on exactly which solos I’ve played, and which paths I’ve taken in those solos. The stats for the game at large, however, would require someone to go through every single T&T solo available for play today and tally the number of times each kindred appears in an NPC role. Any volunteers?) Continue reading “On Being Human in Tunnels and Trolls”

The Old Country

About 5400 words, Parental Guidance Suggested

Jimmy kicked aimlessly at a snow drift and looked with a smug grin at Emma, who sat with her face in her hands and her young tush on the cold concrete of the stoop. Her shoulders quivered with each sob.

“You’re not a baby anymore,” Jimmy said, wiping his nose on his coat sleeve. “It’s time you learned there is no such thing as Santa Claus. He’s just somebody grownups say is real to make their kids behave. It’s all pretend. You have to grow up some time. Stop crying or you’ll wake up Grandma.” Continue reading “The Old Country”

George in Blunderland

So I understood how Alice felt when she fell down that stupid rabbit hole. Except that she wasn’t freezing, and all she had to do was wake up. I wished I could just wake up. This was strange enough to be a dream, but it hurt so bad all over, no way it was a dream. I probably broke all my bones.

I lay crumpled on the ice with talking animals for company and nothing to eat or drink and no way home.

“You look good,” said the polar bear. “Short and skinny, but crunchy. My name is Patty. What’s yours?”

“George,” I muttered with a shiver, not in pain too much to wonder how a polar bear could talk or to be glad it wasn’t attacking me. Continue reading “George in Blunderland”

Looking Without Seeing

Failyne bit into the dirt, trying not to scream. The brown grass crackled as Khanakh knelt beside her.

“Look at me, sorceress.” His tenor voice oozed venom. “It can all be over. Your power will be mine, and there is nothing you can do about it. The sooner you admit it, the better for both of us.”

She couldn’t have turned over to look if she wanted. Yes, she had power, and she had planned to use it against her enemy. But he had discovered her plan, and sought now to bring it to ruin. Catching up with her moments before she could work her summoning, his first action had been to break all her limbs. Continue reading “Looking Without Seeing”

Welcome to the Troll Mystic site!

Hail, adventurer! You’ve managed to find me, the Troll Mystic. I’m actually a Trolf, which is a half-elf, half-troll male (the females are called Trelfs), but so many people think I’m a troll, I just go along with it. Now you know differently. As I write this, October 2, 2011, this site is just getting off the ground. Within a few weeks, I hope the site will have much more to offer. I’ve got big plans.

If you are looking for the resources that were previously available on eposic.org, please be patient. I did not mean for my former web host to change the name servers for eposic.org just yet, only eposic.net, but they did not understand my request, and changed both (and eposic.com). I had planned to make it a more smooth transition from the old eposic.org server to the new one, but my former web host thought they knew better what I wanted than what I did. That’s why they are my former web host. But this means that pretty much every thing that was on eposic.org is now unavailable, until I have a chance to port it here. Some of the resources from eposic.org won’t make the cut. If there are any tools or other pages you used to visit frequently on the original eposic.org site, and you want to know my plans for porting them here, feel free to leave a comment below.

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