Spoilsport – Short Fantasy Fiction

The following is a fiction piece of exactly 100 words, according to Microsoft Word. Enjoy!


The sight of mingling coworkers, bobbing and swaying in their greens and reds, made me nauseous. With a petite Asian woman on his arm, my officemate Jonas sidled next to me. “Rob, meet Amy.”

She offered me her hand, delicate fingers curved down. I gave them a kiss.

Amy smiled. “What do you do?”

Software developer is dull. “I’m a fantasy author.”

Tree ornaments sparkled in her eyes as she grabbed my belt buckle. “What’s your pleasure?”

With a scowl, Jonas clapped her on the shoulder. Her eyes went black. He grimaced. “Don’t say ‘fantasy.’”

Her eyes came back on.

Jonas and Amy - Spoilsport Story

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