Resurrecting the Tunnels and Trolls 5.5 Character Generator

Announcing: The Tunnels and Trolls 5.5 Character Generator has been resurrected. This is the same tool that was available on the server before it’s previous web host failed in giving the site the support it needed. Due to popular demand and in the spirit of the season, I’ve finally taken time to port the tool over to the new server.

I wanted to better incorporate the tool into the look and feel of the rest of the site, like I did with the T&T dice roller, but I just don’t have time, so the tool will look pretty much like it did before, old school not just in RPG terms but in HTML terms as well (e.g., using frames). Initial tests indicate that it works as it did before as well. So if you’re a die-hard T&T 5.x fan, hop on over to the Tunnels and Trolls 5.5 Character Generator, located, surprisingly, at the same URL it used to have.

If you experience any problems with the T&T 5.5 Character Generator, you can leave a comment here. Positive feedback is also appreciated, of course.

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  1. Hello Michael,
    Long overdue some thanks from me for the old character generator. Being able to email the character to multiple accounts is very handy and it’s so quick to use that I’m seriously thinking of making it the backbone of the sort of lethal “old school” dungeon I never run: might stop my players from lynching me 😀
    Glad you resurrected the old workhorse.

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