Field of Illusions Web Comic Panel

Thought I’d try my hand at a web comic. This is my first real effort at one to post on this site. Enjoy.

The larger-resolution images linked to below are best viewed on a wide screen, such as on a laptop.

Field of Illusions Web Comic Art

Permission is hereby granted to download and save the Field of Illusions comic or original art images for subsequent personal viewing or to use as computer wallpaper. Permission is expressly not granted to redistribute these images or to place them on your own web site. If someone else expresses interest in these images, please send them here.

For those who are interested in the creation of this image, here’s what I did. I rendered the original piece of art in DAZ Studio using the Iray renderer. I then used a 2D paint program to crop the image and place the text. Some people use Photoshop for this sort of thing, others use Gimp. I use Serif Photo Plus X5, which is less expensive than Photoshop, but for me has a better user interface than Gimp. Other than doing the cropping and adding the text bubbles and text, there is no other postwork in the comic panel. That is, I didn’t add any special effects to the artwork in the 2D paint program.

The figures used are, on the left, Star by Lady Littlefox and RuntimeDNA, and, on the right, Aiko 3, a DAZ Original model. Star is wearing the Ruby Red outfit by Lady Littlefox/RDNA and the Goth Top Hat by Evilinnocence/RDNA, with original textures replaced by Visual Style Shaders by DraagonStorm and TheNathanParable. Aiko is wearing the Dixie outfit and Dixie Hair by Lady Littlefox/RDNA/DAZ. The background and sky is from the Iray SkyDome Super PAK by Magix 101. I used the Visual Style Shaders on Star’s skin and the JM HumanShader from JavierMicheal on Star’s eyes. I found that rendering Star in Iray caused the whites of her eyes to turn dark, even when applying a white Visual Style Shader to the whites of her eyes, but they stayed white when I used the Eye Surface JM HumanShader. I also used the JM HumanShader on Aiko’s skin and eyes.

The sparkling lights in the air are Iray Sprites from Khory.

Since I was rendering in Iray, I selected all the non-Iray surfaces in the image once I had everything set up, and applied the Iray Base Shader to them all.

Star’s pose is from the Cute Star Poses by Sedor. Aiko’s pose is based on a pose from Aiko 3.0 First Moves by DAZ/Diane. I modified the pose to get the right arm up in front of her face, to have her peeking through her fingers.

One last thing of note: I wanted Star to have red lips, but didn’t have any texture in my runtime for that. While I could have altered a texture file to get it, instead I figured out how to create a new surface from the polygons forming her lips, and applied a red Visual Style Shader to the new surface. It was quite exciting! 🙂

Thanks for visiting! If you’ve enjoyed my creative work, I’d love to hear it in a comment.

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