Twenty vs. Four Fives – A Question of Scale

Recently the question was posed on the Mythic Scribes forum whether a twenty-foot-tall giant could pick up a dark-elf who stood just over five feet tall. There were many guesses to the positive, but I’m saying to myself, I have to set up a scene in DAZ that helps answer this question. The image below is the result. I used the DAZ Ogre as the giant, and scaled him up to twenty feet tall. I then created an elvish character that stood just over five feet tall, created three duplicates of him, stacked them one above the other, and rendered.

I think it safe to say that the twenty-foot-tall giant can pick up the five-foot-tall dark-elf. Could almost swallow him whole, too, if he wanted.

Twenty vs four fives

Announcing New Stock Art Product From Eposic: Bruter

Update: This product has been removed from my RPG DriveThru store. Contact me if you’re interested in the product.

Sample Image I’m glad to announce a new stock art product line from Eposic. The first product in the line is the Bruter character, shown here in a low resolution image constructed from the images available in the Bruter stock art collection, for sale now on DriveThru RPG. The image here is composed of three images from the Bruter package. The Bruter character, the stone ruins and the sky are separate images in the collection. I touched up the image to add a shadow for the character on the ground.

This stock art product line is intended for small publishers and self-publishing authors to use in their products as interior illustrations or in creating composite images for book covers. Licensees can also use the images as illustrations on web sites, or resize or crop an image from the collection for use as an avatar on forums.

Check out the Bruter product page on DriveThru RPG.

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