Silent Night, Disco Style – An Animation Using DAZ Studio

I’ve been working on some animation projects using DAZ Studio. It’s slow going. Little things that might be fixed in post work can be greatly problematic when you have a multitude of frames involved.

Anyway, I took the time to throw together a quick little holiday animation. I’ve included text in the video that explains some of what I did to create the video. The video looked to have lost some quality during the upload to YouTube, but it is what it is. Maybe you’ll find it interesting. Regardless, I’ve learned a bit more about animation in DAZ Studio from this project, so some good has come from it.

This video is, in my opinion, best viewed at full screen size.

Wishing all my visitors a Happy New Year!

Superhero Rule Number 1

What’s the #1 rule of being a superhero?

I created a graphic for it, to help all you superheroes-in-training out there remember this most important rule. The consequences of forgetting it can be devastating, not only to you but to anyone with significance in your life.

Print out this image. Post it on your closet door. Whenever you put on your costume, this image will help you remember to always put on your mask too. Or to take off your glasses, if that’s the disguise you’re going with. Continue reading “Superhero Rule Number 1”

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