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Eposic owns four domains:,,, and They all resolve to the same web server. If you receive any emails of a “romantic” nature that claim to be from a user at one of these domains, it is spam, so you should simply delete it without bothering to read it. Certainly do not click on any links embedded in such emails.

Lately Eposic email accounts have been getting “failure notice” emails from people they never sent emails to. This is the doing of someone out there who thinks it is great fun to send out spam emails that appear to be from legitimate email addresses, but which don’t belong to the actual sender. It’s extremely easy to do this, and these spammers take advantage of the system. This sort of thing used to happen a lot with certain Eposic email addresses, and then it stopped for a long time. Now it’s happening again. So this page is here to explain to anyone visiting due to a spam email they received supposedly from an Eposic email address that these emails are not from anyone who actually owns an Eposic email address.

An example of one such email that was supposedly sent from an Eposic email address is shown below:

Subject: Write to me!

I am kind, thoughtful, honest, family-oriented, well brought up and understanding person with excellent sense of humor. Also I like to cook and always invite my friends to taste my cuisine [link removed]
I am looking for a kind, thoughtful, reliable and serious man and definitely with a sense of humor and positive attitude towards life.
Yourth faithfully

Rest assured, there is no Julia—or any other female—who has a user account on any of the domains,,, or These sorts of emails are spam, they are not from Eposic, and they should be deleted immediately. Thank you for your time.

-Eposic Managment

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