The xx – Coexist

newimage17 I feel like such a hypocrite.

Last time, I reviewed My Bloody Valentine. I went on about how they might be boring to some, but there was a certain something that kept it from being as such.

Enter The xx. I find them to be pretty boring, even though they share a few similarities to My Bloody Valentine. OK, so that might be a stretch, but bear with me.

This band is boring. Fact. Why?

Here’s why:

I think if My Bloody Valentine had less effects and came from a more electronic background they might sound like this. Wikipedia calls The xx “Indie Pop.” That seems like kind of a stretch, in my opinion.

The song I just linked, honestly, is pretty bad. “Coexist” doesn’t sound all that bad though. It’s slow, and it’s a struggle to finish. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another bunch of hipsters concerned with how low-key they can go. Imagine the hair-metal craze of the 80s, but the complete opposite.

I really don’t like this band. Sometimes I feel like I should, but at the end of each song I feel wholly dissatisfied. There are moments during each song where I feel like something interesting could happen, but I’m always let down.

Part of me wants to like it, but it is just too slow. I need something more involved. I enjoy a fair share of minimal music, and purported ‘boring’ types of music. This just feels like some people have given up on what music even is.

As I write this and re-listen to the album, I keep wanting to go back and change some sentences. I want to say “not that bad” or “this song has some redeeming qualities,” but then the song ends and I remember why I said what I said in the first place.

Try it out. Get a pillow ready in case you pass out.

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