The Strokes – Comedown Machine

the-strokes_comedown-machine I’ve noticed some patterns over the last few weeks. We’ve had two albums with rather effortless artwork (See: David Bowie) and an album about a machine (See: Depeche Mode.)

Not sure if this is some sort of Illuminati mind control scheme by Mystic Sounds to convince everyone that they are robots or what. That’s not the point anyway, the point is that everyone’s favorite rock band The Strokes have a new album out.

Granted, these songs sound completely different than their hit Last Night I was so familiar with back in high school. They’ve toned it down a bit and got a little weirder. They sound far less like those sorts of bands from the early 2000s such as The Hives or The Vines. You know, all those louder clean punk rock “The” bands.

Once in a while on the album you’ll hear some shreds, but it’s mostly a little bit of this and that. Reminds me of the band !!! but with less funk. This is a good thing.

I keep getting this 90s alt-rock vibe as well.

Perhaps calling it an identity crisis would be too drastic.

Tell me that doesn’t sound 90s. “Yeah guys, The Strokes, Collective Soul, and Live are my favorite bands!”

It all seems to come together perfectly, doesn’t it?

I’m still scratching my head as to what happened. They lost that tenacity that drew me to them in the first place. They sound watered down and a bit washed up. Maybe they are just giant sea creatures who love water. Who knows?

I know that I still found the record to be moderately pleasing. It’s not going to be a mainstay in my MP3 player, but it is a fairly solid album.

It’s less angry! That’s what it is. It’s chirpy/happy rock music.

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