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Recently the French electronic dance band Daft Punk posted a 15 second short on Saturday Night Live. Presumably, it was an advertisement for a new album. The background music is more funky, and less noisy than their most recent releases.

Some have speculated they may be going back to a sound more reminiscent of “Discovery” from 2001.

What interests me is the approach of the advertisement. Usually a band just tweets or blogs, but this was a full-blown advertisement on national television. It went viral, alright. Scouring Youtube, I’ve already seen tons of remixes and 10 minute loops of the fifteen second clip.

Needless to say, I’m rather excited about a new Daft Punk release.

I remember going to a CD Warehouse in Laurel, MD and picking up a copy of “Homework” back in the day. It was pretty much my first techno album I had ever owned alongside a Kraftwerk album.

I really enjoyed “Discovery,” but everything seemed to go downhill after that. “Human After All” was recorded in six weeks and it showed. Then they did the soundtrack for Tron 2.0. It was not bad, but soundtracks are not wholly representative of a band’s creative output.

Let’s get nostalgic. Here are a few of my favourite Daft Punk music videos throughout the years.

I remember my friend showing this to me at his house one day on his fancy cable Internet connection in the early 2000s. I had never seen anything so mesmerizing before.

From the “Homework” album, I’ve always been a big fan of Around The World. The whole album’s theme of homework, like an etude for dance music showed me a little of this and that. It was by no means an extensive look, but it allowed me to enjoy this sort of music whereas I thought it was silly repetitious beats prior.

That might not have been the best example to dissuade someone from thinking techno isn’t repetitive. Oh well, I can’t always win.

While I am a die-hard fan of “Homework” I find that “Discovery” tends to be quite enjoyable as well. Music should take you somewhere, and “Discovery” definitely evoked an emotional response.

It was groovy and funky. It had this science fiction feeling to it, that was only truly brought to life after watching “Interstella 5555.” Plus, the guy that designed Captain Harlock does the animation. Bonus!

Then you have “Human After All.” This album was amazing, albeit rough around the edges. You’ll find more of a rock atmosphere than a funky disco attitude.

I also suggest finding copies of either Alive 1997 or Alive 2007 which are amazing both in their own right. These are live sets and are recorded using the same setup they use live.

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