Is The Prince of Pop Back?

You know who I’m talking about, right?

Justin Timberlake.

The last time he released a record was in 2006, but he’s never really disappeared from the spotlight. You’ve probably seen him singing on Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts with Andy Samberg. You might have seen him in movies like Black Snake Moan, The Social Network, or Southland Tales.

I listened to his latest song Suit & Tie on Vevo the other day. Nothing should surprise anyone anymore with Justin Timberlake; he’s done a little of everything. This song is no different.

I found that it was a nice little R&B jingle. It was catchy, but not in the way I had hoped. It seemed light on the ‘oomph.’

Timberlake spends most of his time doing a falsetto discoesque voice. In lieu of him having any of that he has Jay Z do it.

I’m not the world’s largest rap fan, but I don’t usually mind Jay Z. Though, seriously, get out of my Justin Timberlake song. It doesn’t feel right.

Regardless, this is one classy song. I can’t deny that. Something just feels ‘fluffy’ about this song. I want my sexy back!

Instead, I guess I got groovy back.

So there you have it.

Let me know what you think. Is the prince of pop back in town? Or has he hit a sour note?

I suppose we can only really find out when his album “The 20/20 Experience” comes out later this year.

Personally, the song here is making me look forward to his album even more. While this song doesn’t go AAA for me, it shows me that Timberlake still has the mysterious ‘it’ that I like.

I just need to drive home one point: Jay Z, get out of my Justin Timberlake songs. Thank you.

One thought on “Is The Prince of Pop Back?

  1. S&T doesn’t do it for me, but Jay Z turns a mediocre song into a real dud. Maybe some other song on JT’s new album will bring the sexy back. S&T doesn’t.

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