Support Your Local Music Scene

I’ve been feeling somewhat out of place lately when it comes to writing music reviews.

One can find and listen to almost any album they want these days. Far be it from me to pick one and suggest you listen to it. Who am I to know your tastes? I don’t.

What I do know is that music comes from somewhere. Generally from small towns and big cities. Unless it’s pop music, then it comes from a factory. I heard peaches come from there too.

I was sitting in a bar a few days ago listening to a rock band from an hour north of where I live. I can’t remember their name, but they rocked. They weren’t anything special, but I stroked my imaginary beard and said “not bad.”

This got me thinking. Often times we’ll go see a local band, and it won’t be the best music ever. However, where does music come from? With a little polish, some of these local bands could be great. What do they need to get that extra polish? They need fans attending their shows.

Some of these folks just play for a hobby. Some play because they want to make it big. Being so close to Nashville, many folks tend to have stars in their eyes.

Time and again, I hear complaints that everything sounds the same. Go to a local show. Try something new. Give a young (or old) creative mind some support in doing what (s)he loves.

Support your local music scene. Help keep creativity alive, give musicians a reason to not be stale. Give yourself a reason to get out of your house with your fancy surround sound. Go listen to a terrible band. Better yet, go listen to a decent band. Either way, you’re helping dreamers dream.

Isn’t that what music should be about?

2 thoughts on “Support Your Local Music Scene

  1. “Peaches come from a can / They’re put there by a man / In a factory downtown.” Perfect pop song, from a terrible band.

    • Hehe. Thanks for that reminder, Tom.

      I liked a lot of their songs on their first CD. “Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it.” Classic. Wasn’t taken with the second CD though. Don’t know if there was a third.

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