Death Grips – The Money Store

Death Grips - The Money Store If you hate rap, then “The Money Store” by Death Grips isn’t for you.

Granted, I’d like to make the argument that Death Grips is not ‘rap’ per se, but instead a glitch and experimental electronic group that happens to have rap vocals. It all comes together quite nicely.

It is probably best to start off with an example:

I doubt you can make much of an argument about the music in that video. There’s a guy on a synth and a guy on drums in the background with the vocalist pretty much just yelling. Sounds like a weird mix to me.

I tend to enjoy this sort of thing. I appreciate doing something different, and I’ve never really heard anything so bold. I’ve listened to a lot of rap. Mostly, it’s about beats or atmosphere in some of the ‘smarter’ rap music.

Take Double Helix for instance. It maintains an experimental atmosphere while presenting a little bit of traditional techno/rap beats element.

I’m kind of curious how that video was made. How did they not accidentally run him over? The second thought I had: That’s a great beard!

Death Grips goes places. MC Ride has a great beard. What more do I need? It doesn’t sound “thug” at all, so that’s probably its saving grace. Either that, or the fact its lyrics are the darkest thing I’ve heard since I turned off my lights last night.

I’m glad it’s not any louder, though. There’s a listenable amount, and then there would be him just shouting. He matches with the music fairly well, no matter what kind of music he has backing him up.

You can listen to samples of the rest of the album on Amazon and decide for yourself if you like it. I think it takes a tolerance for electronic music, a tolerance for weirdness, and a tolerance for rap vocals. If you can get past all that, I think you’ll really appreciate Death Grips.

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