Sufjan Stevens – Silver & Gold

Sufjan Stevens - Silver and Gold I’ve never been a very big fan of Christmas. I’m not sure whether it’s the desperate weather, the awful music, the faked niceness, or the abundance of capitalism.

I do not seek out Christmas music generally, and this Sufjan Stevens record, “Silver & Gold,” seemingly fell on my lap. In fact, I’m not really the biggest Sufjan Stevens fan in the world. Some of my friends, I know, are very much into him.

He tends to make a ‘safe’ and fun sort of independent folk music.

If you know anything about my tastes, you’ll know that much of my feelings towards Christmas are the same towards folk. It’s bland, depressing, and doesn’t usually do much for anyone.

Yet, here you are reading the introduction to a review for a Christmas album by a folk artist that doesn’t impress me much.

This? This impresses me. It’s an odd mishmash of serious and kooky Christmas songs done in a way only Sufjan Stevens would organize.

You are Santa’s slave!

Listen to the lyrics and tell me that isn’t amusing.

Sure, you’ll have some boring stuff like Auld Lang Syne.

That’s fine. There’s 58 tracks on here, a handful of them are bound to fit in the boring Christmas stereotype that I find so dreadful.

Most of the tracks are fairly short little Christmas experiments that won’t leave much of an impression on you.

That said, Do You Hear What I Hear? is a nine minute minimalist electronic type of track.

Ultimately, there’s a little bit of everything for people on here. If you’ve ever been looking for a reason to like Christmas music again, Sufjan Steven’s latest effort might be for you.

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