ZZ Top – La Futura

ZZ Top - La Futura It’s been nine years since ZZ Top’s fourteenth studio album, Mescalero, was released, back in 2003. Since then, ZZ Top has released some live albums and compilations, but no full-length studio albums—until September 11, 2012, when they released their fifteenth studio album, La Futura.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to past ZZ Top offerings, you’re bound to like La Futura. The guitars are as blazing on this album as any other ZZ Top album, and the rock just as bluesy. The vocals fit the music, even if they have more growl than earlier ZZ Top vocals. Some people may be put off by the growling vocals, but ZZ Top vocals never have been what I’d call smooth.

The standard issue of the album offers ten tracks. A special Best Buy version of the album contains two bonus tracks.

US fans have found La Futura to their liking. The album has ranked higher on the US charts than any other ZZ Top album since Recycler, their tenth studio album, released back in 1990.

The first single from the album, I Gotsta Get Paid, was first released in June 2012 as a track on the Texacali EP. The track is the first single from the album.

One of my favorites from the album is Big Shiny Nine. I don’t know whether the title refers to motorcycles, but that’s the impression I get from this unofficial video:

If you found any ZZ Top songs to your liking in the past, you owe it to yourself to check out La Futura. You can find several of the tracks on YouTube, and samples of the ten standard tracks on Amazon.

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