Teengirl Fantasy – Tracer

Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer After perusing a message board I frequent, I saw a thread dedicated to the new album Tracer, by Teengirl Fantasy. The thread was littered with ancient angelfire hosted animated gifs and was girly looking. I didn’t know what the deal was. I had a burning desire to find out.

Was it a bunch of creepy old men? Was it young girls trying to be pop stars?

It was neither of those things!

Instead, what I found was a pleasant, fresh take on the electronic music genre. There were guest spots from Panda Bear and Romanthony (of Daft Punk.) I figured it couldn’t be too terribly bad.

What I ended up hearing was wonderful and new. I had never heard anything before so fresh, so full of variety, and so alarmingly beautiful.

That being said, this is not dance floor music. This is not necessarily ambient music to play during a sunset scene in an indie film.

Sure, you might hear tinges of this style or that style while listening to Tracer, but it ultimately cannot be pinned down as any one style. If you listen closely and are familiar with electronic music, perhaps you can pinpoint the various influences.

I’ve heard a lot of music before with this attitude, from a number of popular indie pop bands, but Teengirl Fantasy tries to focus more on making electronic music than music that would appeal to a mainstream indie sensibility.

I couldn’t find much in the way of videos for songs from Tracer, other than the short album teaser above. The sound in the teaser is ‘flighty’ and charming. Most songs give off that sort of vibe, although the first track, Orbit, feels more experimental than the other songs.

The bottom line with Tracer from Teengirl Fantasy is the freshness. I don’t listen to this type of music on a daily basis, but this album charms my ears so much all I can do is give it praises.

If you’re into electronic music other than dubstep, check out Teengirl Fantasy’s latest release.

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