Tom Milsom

Once in a while comes along someone who makes a variant of what is normally music, and turns it into something exciting.

Tom Milsom is one of those “indie pop” artists who always confuses the layman. In this particular instance, the artist uses an acoustic guitar, sweet soothing voice, but still has those pop hooks and whispers of dance influence.

It’s a little bit electronic and a little bit acoustic. The end result is something tongue-in-cheek cheery, and a bit twisted at times.

Unfortunately, he has turned off the option to embed individual songs. However, he has made his latest full album, Explorers 6, available for streaming.


Did a line off your chest and it made me feel better
When we were losing physicality and untethering ourselves
The fragile alpine freshness after sickness beckons
Where a song can naturally unfurl
Without the pain of hitting the shelves

The first line from Lines got me hooked. For what seemed to be a mostly normal album from a lyrical perspective. It caught me off guard, especially since all the songs were so standard up to that point.

Musically speaking, it is the same as many songs I’ve described in other posts. It’s a catchy tune, it’s a relaxing tune, and it has a decent amount of dance elements in it.


Then you have faster songs like Faster which have a faster beat, echoed lyrics, and an eventual  turnaround to the mellow sound you’re familiar with. It’s technically a little heavier, if you consider lower notes as heavier.

All in all, Tom Milsom does an excellent job at providing entertaining music. The songs that are similar, aren’t too similar to evoke boredom. I feel that the inclusion of an electronic element helps keep the music interesting.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I rather enjoy the fact it is the way it is, yet manages to keep me listening.

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